Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My son Thomas has ADHD and he is in the 3rd grade at WBI and he is 9 years old.When Thomas was in kindergarten his teacher had come to me with concerns.She saw that Thomas had a hard time sitting still and focusing on his school work.When she had talked to me about her concerns,she wanted me to have him tested for ADHD or ADD.I kind of new he probley had ADHD because the way he was at home too.My sister has ADHD and Bipolar,and ADHD is in my family line on my dads side of the family.I don't have ADHD or Bipolar,or my husband.I took him to the doctor to have him tested for ADHD and ADD.I new he didnt have Bipolar because they are very violent.They want to fight.My sister was kicked out of the 5th grade for hitting her teacher.My sister tryed to kill her self when she was 13.Thomas is a very good kid(hes not perfect)but hes close to it.LOL.Anyways Thomas does have ADHD and he is on meds for it,They help him great.We went from a struggle every night for homework to no struggle at all.He is now making all A's now in the 3rd grade.His teachers love him.He sits in his chair at school and does his work.Sometimes its hard when i don't have anyone to talk too.Find someone else that has a child or children with this Disorder.I have 2 kids with ADHD.My 5 year old has ADHD and Bipolar.Thomas just has ADHD.

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